Estate Administration / Probate

Many states have a cumbersome and difficult administration process when it comes to decedent’s estate. In Pennsylvania the process of administering an estate or the process of administering a trust have many similarities. Often times, the cost of having an attorney draft a revocable living trust does not outweigh the burden of having probate a decedent’s will. Even if an individual died without a will (which is called dying intestate) the process is virtually identical.


Trust Administration

The proper administration of a trust removes several steps from the process outlined above. For instance, the trustee of the trust will not have to seek approval from the Register of Wills for his or her appointment as trustee or have to file an estate inventory, but the process remains largely the same in the other steps. Abernethy & Hagerman will provide the trustee with the proper documentation to fully administer the trust. 


We work with the named executor of a will or individual designated by the Pennsylvania Intestate Act if the decedent died without a will through the administration process by providing the following services:

  1. Preparation and Filing the Petition for Grant of Letters
  2. Obtaining an EIN from the Internal Revenue Service for the estate
  3. Assistance in opening an estate account for payment of estate debts
  4. Preparation and publication of the required legal notices
  5. Requesting a Statement of Claim from the PA Dept. of Human Services
  6. Ascertaining all of the beneficiaries of the estate
  7. Preparation and sending of the required notices of estate  administration
  8. Preparation and filing life insurance claim forms 
  9. Assistance with collection, valuation, and transfer of probate and     non-probate assets
  10. Preparation and filing of Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Return       (REV-1500)
  11. Preparation and filing of Estate Inventory
  12. Preparation and filing of formal accounting and petition for distribution
  13. Preparation of a Family Settlement Agreement
  14. Assistance in final distribution of assets
  15. Preparation and filing of final status report


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