Probate Lawyer Pittsburgh, PA

Families who are grieving the loss of their loved one can experience added stress as they try to navigate the complexities of probate law. After all, the process of probating an estate can seem overwhelming to the average person. Fortunately, a probate lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA can guide you through this trying time. 

When you work with a probate lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA, you can get needed advice and guidance during the course of the probate process. A probate lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA can assist you in locating and securing probate assets, collecting life insurance proceeds, addressing income tax issues, and more.

What Is a Probate Lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA?

A probate lawyer is a type of state-licensed attorney who represents and advises the executors and beneficiaries of an estate. Through years of mentoring, continuing legal education, and experience, a probate lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA can help you settle all of the final affairs of a deceased loved one.

Whether you’re in charge of another person’s estate or planning for your own future, you can depend on a probate lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA to help you. A probate lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA has expert knowledge on probate law. As such, he or she can make estate planning infinitely easier for you and prevent you from running into problems.

What Can a Probate Lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA Do for You?

Do you need help with settling the estate of a deceased relative? Here’s why you should reach out to a probate lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA:

·      A Probate Lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA Can Prevent Needless Family Conflict

When settling the estate of a deceased loved one, there can often be conflict between different family members. Without a probate lawyer, Pittsburgh, PA families are more likely to get into needless arguments about how to divide the estate between them. This is where having a probate lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA can come in handy.

Before tensions arise, a probate lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA can get rid of the potential conflict and offer clarity for any questions that the family members may have. Having a probate lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA can also reduce the chances that someone will be accused of not properly handling the estate.

·      A Probate Lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA Can Allow You to Access the Estate Faster

Probating can be a lengthy process, often taking over a year to be completed. Thankfully, when you have a good probate lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA by your side, you can make the process go by faster. You can access property, assets, or investments a lot quicker with help from a probate lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA.

·      A Probate Lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA Can Prevent Claims Against the Estate

A family member who wasn’t mentioned in the deceased person’s will but feels like he or she should’ve been included can make a claim against the estate. The right probate lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA can help you get rid of claims that seek to use the estate for personal gain. You can protect your inheritance with the assistance of a probate lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA.

·      A Probate Lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA Can Help Your Probate Get Approved

During the estate probating process, certain documents will need to be filed with the court first. If these aren’t filed correctly, the court won’t accept them. To prevent this problem from occurring, work with an experienced probate lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA.

When you hire a probate lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA, you won’t have to do the tedious paperwork more than once. Your probate lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA will know how to file all the documents properly and move the process forward.

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The population of Americans now over the age of 65 is steadily increasing, and the need for federal programs for assisting the elderly is also growing. Given the complexity of the programs, older adults may find it difficult to navigate these complicated financial decisions. Fortunately, Abernethy and Hagerman is here to help.

Abernethy and Hagerman is dedicated to providing top-notch, compassionate legal services that involve elder law, estate planning, trust administration, and business law. We understand how complex choices can be as we age, which is why we do whatever is possible to make the decision-making process as easy as possible for you. 

Whether you need legal help with elder law or estate planning, you can depend on the unrivaled skills and compassion of our professionals. We will walk with you every step of the way and go the extra mile to help bring your short-term and long-term goals to fruition.

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Jay Hagerman

Atty. Jay Hagerman is committed to making life as easy as circumstances allow for his clients. The basis of his practice includes transactional law encompassing estate planning, estate/trust administration, elder law, real estate transfers, business start-ups and governance, contracts, and tax law.

Born and raised in the north hills of Allegheny County in Hampton Township, Atty. Hagerman took a liking to American history and decided to pursue a related degree at Gettysburg College. This provided with him with the opportunity to work in the White House office of Correspondence in Washington, D.C.

He attended Duquesne University School of Law, during which he focused his time and attention on laws that relate to wealth creation and preservation. His clerking began in his second year of law school at a law firm where he thereafter worked as an attorney. 

Eventually, he decided to move to his hometown of Hampton Township, where he opened his own practice: Hagerman Law, LLC. Since then, he has been working hard to serve the community that is greatly dear to him.

With extensive experience under his belt, he displays the highest level of professionalism when he is working. Whether you need legal assistance in coping with a loss, selling a house, or managing a business start-up, you can count on Atty. Hagerman to deliver the proper solution and help you obtain some peace of mind and minimize your anxiety.

Christopher M. Abernethy

After graduating from Duquesne University School of Law, Atty. Christopher M. Abernethy opened his own law office in Allison Park, PA. Years of experience have taught him to develop and use winning strategies in handling different aspects of estate planning, probate, and business law issues.

Following his graduation from Shady Side Academy, he obtained his B.A. from Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA and earned his J.D. from Duquesne University School of Law in Pittsburgh, PA. His experience and integrity have been recognized by the national peer review service Martindale-Hubbell, which granted him the rating of "A-V Preeminent" in 2013. Only five percent of the nation's attorneys hold this rating.

Pittsburgh Magazine named Atty. Abernethy as a Five-Star Professional Estate Planning Attorney in 2014 and 2015. Additionally, he has been a member of the AARP Legal Services Network and the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. Outside of his legal profession, he serves as a past-president and lifelong member of the Rich-Mar Rotary Club as well as co-founder and past-president of the Hampton Soccer Club.

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